Sunday, August 30, 2009

mobile suit gundam in car form?


char's gelgoog
char's zaku
rick dom

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gundam 0079

Currently I've been busy watching some anime and my fav currently is gundam 0079, eventho it's a classic anime but i think it's worth watching.I wanna learn more from the anime than just listen to other ppl telling me the story. anyway i found both of the picture and decide to upload it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Keroro gunso (Captain keroro)

Nice box and come with a nice price.
Captain keroro wearing Char aznable hat . Too bad he cant fit in the cockpit of my zaku.LOL
He comes with a table and ,2 small gunpla (zaku & gouf) and 1 rx-78-2 box. Keroro will be my assistant now and will help me with my gundam project *Mwahahahahahaha..

Rating - 9
reason - Cheap and he wear char's helmet (that's a bonus)

Friday, August 7, 2009

1/100 MS-06S Char's Zaku (MG Special) metallic coating

My first MG and my favorite lovable kiss kiss Zaku that belong to the 'Red comet'
char aznable.

Char's Zaku on standby at Zeon base. (-_-) not his real 1 though

Small Char Aznable figure on top of the hangar trying to figure how to get in the cockpit. Love the mono eye (J think it's better than a normal good guys gundam eye)
The small machine trying to load Char's zaku with a Mark VIII Sturm Faust but can it reach the zaku hand?
Can you guys spot me in the shiny reflection taking a picture..nyeh nyeh ;P..I also put a custom sticker rank on the Zaku left hand
Pose with a Zaku 280mm bazooka and on the back is a upside down razer mousepad LOL.
Targeting my other toys (no worry cos u will still be the no 1 in my heart)
With a 175mm gun. Never seen a Zaku use this type of weapon before or maybe i didnt even noe.
The very common weapon that u may seen in anime a Zaku using is the 120mm / ZMP-50D or whatever they call it.
Come get some pose

Overall rating for this figure - 7.0
reason - This Mg type don't have the inner frame to support the figure to do much pose but u r still the no 1 in my heart maybe bcos this type is not easy to find nowadays.

After assembling this figure i think i will get another zaku or even a gouf. Just wait & see.

mechanical chain base 005

This base belong to Neo Zeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating : 7.0
reason: Only 1 in my collection so far